Before you come...

I look forward to seeing you soon. A few things will make your visit run smoothly, more efficient, and more helpful. 

  • We'll e-mail you a link to your patient portal. Set up your account to take care of paperwork before the visit. This will save us time in the office for more nutrition. Remember your username and password to access other helpful features.
  • Bring your insurance cards and ID to the visit.
  • Ask your doctor to fax recent labs and/or other helpful medical information
  • Bring a referral from you doctor if your insurance is accepted (Medicare, BCBS, Presbyterians, NMHC).
  • Keep a 3-day food and beverage log and bring it with you. Try for two weekdays and one weekend.


2455 E Missouri, Suite A. The address is Missouri, but the door, big wooden door, faces Triviz. Call if you need help. See you soon!