In-Person vs. Virtual Visits

If you have purchased one of Healthy Feat's Packages you have the option of either in-person visits or tele-dietitian (virtual visits). It can be helpful to meet virtually from home where you have access to your fridge, pantry, and cooking equipment. Some clients prefer an occasional in-person visits. Choose what works best for you when you schedule the appointment. For those with insurance (see accepted insurances below), tele-health is not always covered, so check with your provider before scheduling the tele-health option.

The Patient Portal

Once your appointment is confirmed you will be e-mailed an invite to Healthy Feat's Electronic Medical Record. Remember your username and password so you can continue to access information through your own patient portal. If you've purchased one of Healthy Feat's packages you'll have access to unlimited messaging which allows you to record workouts, food logs or meal pics, weights, blood sugar checks, and more. For those who prefer offline, no problem! After reading the basic information below, call with questions: 575-323-9569.


Healthy Feat RDN is located at the corner of Missouri and Triviz - 2455 E Missouri, Suite A. See map below. Enter the big wooden door facing the walking path on Triviz. See you soon!

What to bring to your first appointment: 

  • Doctor's Referral - required to bill insurance *
  • Insurance cards 
  • Labs if available*
  • 3 day diet & activity log - Can use the Healthie app to take pics of your meals from your phone, or type descriptions (available for your review in the patient portal - call with questions). Or choose an old fashioned written journal - whichever you prefer
    • Try for 2 week-days and 1 weekend day 
    • Track what you ate, when, amount, and even where
    • Include snacks and beverages 
    • Pay attention to why you are eating (are you hungry? stressed? tired? bored?)

*Fax referral and labs to 844-575-2476. Alternatively, bring hard copies on appointment day.


Healthy Feat RDN accepts*: 

  • Medicare 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield 
  • Presbyterian

* Insurances do not cover nutrition services for all diagnoses. Call your insurance company if you have specific questions about coverage.